California Exclusive Buyer Agent

Attention California Realtors!

buying investment property with an exclusive buyer agentBecoming an Exclusive Buyer Agent and providing the best possible service for your clients could be the best choice of your life.

Are you starting out in real estate or are you simply looking for a refreshing change?

Doing things the same old way and following the crowd is a great way to ensure you never stand out in a crowd or above your competition. Exclusive Buyer Agents only work for Exclusive Buyer Brokers. EBA’s never take listings or provide seller representation.  Exclusive Buyer Agents take pride in doing things right and not making excuses.

Investors Love Exclusive Buyer Agents and Exclusive Buyer Brokers. Investors know it makes sense to work with a trained professional that has their best interests at heart.  EBA’s know it makes sense to put their clients ahead of their own interests because they keep coming back to buy more.

Buyers Trust Real Estate intends to go global with the concept of exclusive buyer agency alongside their sister company Sellers Trust Real estate that provides exclusive Seller Representation.

The 2 companies will operate as separate brokerages for clients and work together to build real estate investment trusts that our agents will be vested in for retirement.

Join the team!  Buyers Trust is recruiting and interviewing agents and brokers across the country. If you are interested in exploring your options call Steve Schappert at 203-994-3950  or fill out the form below.