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The process of buying industrial real estate has many steps involved in it. Here is a step by step guide which gives a clear idea as to the procedure to be followed while investing in an industrial property:


The first step is to determine the requirements that you want the property to meet. You can divide the list into negotiable and non-negotiable categories. Some of the most important factors that you need to focus on are the location of the property, its size, proximity to the main street, storage space, price and overall appeal of the property. It is obviously not possible to find a property which meets all the prerequisites. After making the list, you need to find a real estate broker who can help you find the best industrial property within your range which includes most of the features specified by you.


The next step is to enlist the help of other professionals like accountants and lawyers. The accountant can help you to find out whether your business can afford to invest in a commercial property and the lawyer can negotiate with the seller on your behalf and handle the legalities of property investment.


The third step is property evaluation. After shortlisting the properties that you are interested in, you should go for professional property evaluation to find out whether the listed price matches the actual worth of the property or not. Property appraisals from engineers and environmental analysts can help in verifying the viability of the investment and ensure that you get hold of a property whose value is bound to appreciate with time.


The fourth step is to make the property purchase after weighing all the pros and cons. For this, you need to keep aside considerable funds or take a loan. You should be prepared for all contingencies and unprecedented expenditures related to the property buying process so that you don’t lose out on a deal just because of lack of enough resources. Before investing in a property, you should always check the regulations for commercial or industrial property purchase in that particular area to check whether you are being compliant to the norms or not.

These few simple steps can help you to become an industrial property owner in a short time.

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Our Mission: To provide world class commercial and industrial real estate sales services while assisting our clients increase equity and value through affordable sustainable practices.

Commercial properties will be analyzed before being listed on the market to determine cost effective, energy efficient and sustainable methods of increasing value.

A study by the Real Estate Appraisal Journal showed that every $1000 saved in yearly energy costs increase the sales price by $20,000. Going green really does make green.

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