Connecticut Open Houses

What A Connecticut Buyer Needs To Know About Open houses

Are you planning to attend an open house event? Here are some tips to ensure that you can get the most out of attending an open house:

Definition: An open house is an event in which the agent of the seller of a property opens the house to visitors to walk through. The day and time of the open house event are advertised by the agent in order to attract more potential buyers. The main objective of an open house is to bring attention to a property and increase the chances of the property getting sold within a short time.

Tips for buyers:

  1. Finding out more information- Open houses usually bring in neighbors. If you go to an open house, you should seek out the neighbors to find out more about the area. You can learn about the kind of community that exists there. It is better to trust their opinion rather than listening to the agent who only speaks about the best features. Open houses can help you to locate the perfect area for your habitation.
  2. Give the contact number of your agent- When you visit open houses, you receive forms which you need to fill up with your personal details so that the seller’s agent can follow up. It is a better idea to provide the contact number of your agent so that he can talk to the seller’s agent and make an objective evaluation of the property. If possible, you should take your agent along to the open house so that you can get first hand advice whether the property is worth investing in or not.
  3. Examine all the features

While attending an open house, you should take a list along to make sure that you check each and every feature of the property. Some of the areas you need to focus on are the style of architecture, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, age of the home, number of floors, space for storage, closet, attic and basement, views from the windows, floor plan, amenities, size of rooms and house, location of the property, neighborhood, parking facilities, porches, patios, pools and decks, water and electricity supply and drainage system.

You should read through the notes provided by the seller’s agent and always lend your ear to what the other buyers have to say about the property. You are not obliged to buy a property just because you have been to the open house. Attending open houses is a good way to become familiar with various properties and learn more about how to choose the best option. When you go to an open house, be polite and never criticize.

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There are literally thousands of open houses each weekend in Connecticut.  You will find almost all of them listed here.  Keep in mind the person sitting in the home has already promised to get the best deal for the seller.  If you want the best buyer representation Call Steve Schappert, The Buyer Broker at 203-994-3950

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