You Stand Out In A Crowd By Being Different

Buyers Trust Founder has been interviewed by ABC, NBC, BBC, CNN, Comcast, Change Makers Radio, Kiplinger’s Financial, Woman’s Day Magazine, The New York Times, Real Estate For Dummies, The Learning Channel (TLC), Litchfield County Times, Waterbury Republican, The News Times, Voices, Bristol Press, Patch and many, many more, because he does things differently.

What Makes You Different?

In 1908 there were 1646 Realtors in the US.  In 2017 there were over 1,200,000 that number is up roughly 20% since 2012. There are another 800,000 real estate agents that are not members of the National Association of Realtors, however, they continue to cut in to your market share. Your competition is increasing way faster than the inventory. Being the next agent to raise their hand and say, “buying, selling, renting” probably won’t go well for you.  Find a niche, hit it hard and become the expert!

When Woman’s Day Magazine started writing the article, “Cut Expenses by $100’s a Month”  they called Buyers Trust Founder, Steve Schappert to discuss exclusive buyer brokerage.  The completed article suggested calling Buyers Trust when buying a home anywhere in the country.  To hire or interview Steve Schappert call his cell 203-994-395


Legendary Real Estate Trainer Says

Take A Stand, & Pick A Side

Mike Ferry released a report in August of 2014 suggesting agents pick one side of the transaction.  “I believe the skill set of an agent who works with buyers is completely different than the skill set of an agent who works on listings. Yes, they both have fundamental skills that all salespeople need … the ability to manage your time, the ability to follow up on leads, the ability to prequalify, the ability to present, etc.”

Ferry went on to state:

“… The skill set of a listing agent and buyer’s agent are different from that point forward, meaning the ability to present in a fashion that causes a buyer or seller to sign a contract.

… I (have thought) for years that when an agent gets their license they should have to actually declare, ‘I want to work with buyers’ or ‘I want to work with sellers.’ The majority of agents do not have the total package of skill sets to do both and, in most cases, aren’t willing to learn them because they are so vast…

Attention Connecticut Realtors!

buying investment property with an exclusive buyer agentBecoming an Exclusive Buyer Agent and providing the best possible service for your clients could be the best choice of your life.

Are you starting out in real estate or are you simply looking for a refreshing change?

Doing things the same old way and following the crowd is a great way to ensure you never stand out in your market or above your competition. Exclusive Buyer Agents only work for Exclusive Buyer Brokers. EBA’s never take listings or provide seller representation.  Exclusive Buyer Agents take pride in doing things right and not making excuses.

They also take pride in working smart, not hard.  Referring listings is EXTREMELY profitable.  They do all the work, pay for all the advertising, you get paid 20-40% for sending them the lead. Do the math!

Investors Love Exclusive Buyer Agents and Exclusive Buyer Brokers. Investors know it makes sense to work with a trained professional that has their best interests at heart.  EBA’s know it makes sense to put their clients ahead of their own interests because they keep coming back to buy more.

Unsurpassed Educational Opportunities

90 hours of continuing education is paid for by the company when you work at Buyers Trust.  We aren’t talking about the usual drink the Kool-Aid rah, rah go corporate branding.  We are talking about timely useful continuing education you need to succeed. Buyers Trust has teamed up with Mckissock to provide Learning solutions that give you a competitive edge through high-quality courses, practical on-the-job application and up-to-date information. Mckissock is the nation’s largest online CE course selection complete with top-rated, cutting-edge content.  Best of all you can take the courses when ever you want in the comfort of your own home.  Learn More About Our Training

Making Work Fun

CT Realty Social


Statewide Networking events have been created to get you in front of more people that can help grow your business.  CT Realty Social is a simple social event for folks with similar interests. All those part of the real estate, construction, maintenance and finance industry are welcome to join us. Break some bread, share a story, share a drink, it’s that simple.  Become a local host and spread the word about what you do and what makes you different than the rest.


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11 Difficult & Painful Questions To Ask Yourself

  1. How many qualified leads do you get per month from your broker?
  2. Do you get anything?
  3. Do you like working with buyers or sellers?
  4. How many hours do you spend each week on listings?
  5. Do you have sellers complain to you or about you?
  6. Do you ever lose a buyer?
  7. How many dollars do you spend on listings?
  8. What does your company do for training, technology, and your support system?
  9. How many listings didn’t you sell?
  10. If you had 15 or more additional closings per year from buyers, would you really miss working on listings as much?
  11. Would you like to keep all the referral fees you generate?

Answer the questions above, then make the call.  There is a better way, for agents with integrity!

Buyers Trust Real Estate intends to go global with the concept of exclusive agency alongside their sister company Sellers Trust Real Estate that provides exclusive Seller Representation.

The 2 companies will operate as separate brokerages for clients and work together to build real estate investment trusts that our agents will be vested in for retirement.

Follow these steps to become a Connecticut Realtor

Join the team! 

Buyers Trust is recruiting and interviewing agents and brokers through out Connecticut and across the country. If you are interested in exploring your options call Steve Schappert at 203-994-3950  or fill out the form below.


Also known as the Nutmeg State, Connecticut is one of the most desirable places for habitation in the US because of the high standard of living that it offers. It is the biggest state in America and contains the highest number of luxury estates in the country after the state of California.

Connecticut is a perfect example of the elegance and sophistication that New England stands for. The summers are sunny and humid with the occasional storm providing relief. There is plenty of rainfall to ensure that the natural bounty of this state remains lush and green throughout the year.

If you are still on the fence about choosing Connecticut as your home, here are a few reasons to make this decision easy for you:

  • The median home value in Connecticut is $240,500 and the prices are expected to rise in the near future. With the best amenities available in most of the major cities of Connecticut, the average home value seems quite a coup. This is the right time to buy a property in Connecticut.
  • Residential properties range from $100,600 to $452,300 depending on the city where you choose to live. The range reflects the diversity that Connecticut real estate offers. Everyone can find an ideal home in this state.
  • Along with New York and New Jersey, Connecticut forms the Tri-State area. Its close proximity to Boston and New York make it an ideal location for those who wish to work in those cities but live away from the hustle and bustle.

High-end homes of Stamford, pleasant weather of Bethel, rich history of the hat industry in Danbury, low student-teacher ratio of Middletown, easy commuting facilities of West Hartford, beaches of Westport or the community life of Newtown- there is something for everyone in Connecticut.

Ready to make Connecticut your home?

Call us to make this possible. Buyer’s Trust Real Estate & Investment is a premier buyer’s broker in Connecticut. Here’s what you get when you hire our services:

  • Exclusive representation in any real estate deal in Connecticut– we are not associated with sellers in any form.
  • Expert guidance for first time home buyers– we guide you every step of the way and give you in-depth information regarding the home buying process.
  • Negotiation on your behalf– we negotiate with the seller after doing thorough market research to get the best deal for you.
  • Total commitment– we protect your interests with complete loyalty and dedication. We never reveal any confidential information to the seller.

To get access to the best properties at the best prices in Connecticut, get in touch with Buyer’s Trust Real Estate & Investment today!

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