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The largest and most populous city in the state of Connecticut, Bridgeport is located in the Fairfield County. The city is present just at the mouth of the River Pequonnock on Long Island South.

Bridgeport, Connecticut was initially inhabited by Paugussett Indians till the English began colonizing this area. It was known as Pequonnock or ‘cleared land’ at that time. During the Colonization period, Bridgeport was basically a farming community but it gradually turned into a center of trade and commerce, whaling and shipbuilding.

A village named Newfield and later Stratfield developed in this area during the 1760s. Trading started in earnest between Newfield and other important cities like Baltimore, New York and Boston. This village was finally incorporated into Connecticut under the name of Borough of Bridgeport. The town of Bridgeport became separated from Stratfield in 1821.

After the development of the railroad, Bridgeport, Connecticut swiftly adopted industrialization. Manufacturing of locks, firearms, horse harnesses and metallic cartridges took place in the town because there were many iron foundries located here. During the time of the First World War, saddle, typewriters, brass items, milling machines and phonographs were manufactured. The main occupation of the city remained manufacturing till the 1970s.

However, after this period, restructuring of the industrial sector took place which led to the loss of jobs for many residents. Eminent and affluent residents of the city moved to other states seeking better opportunities. Suburbanization gradually took over the city along with deindustrialization.

But after this phase of struggle, the city recovered. In the 21st century, many redevelopment projects have been put in place and office and factory buildings are being converted into residential properties. These changes are attracting people from the nearby cities and towns to settle in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

The public park system of Bridgeport, Connecticut is very famous which is why the city is known as ‘The Park City’. Residents enjoy spending time at the Seaside Park, Beechwood Park, Beardsley Park and Pleasure Beach. The city is divided into five neighborhoods- North End, Downtown, South End, East Side and West Side.

The economy of Bridgeport at present is service-based. Some industrial activity still continues and the finance, healthcare and educational sector contribute the most to its growth. Education is provided by the University of Bridgeport and a range of public and private institutions. There are plenty of venues for theatre and music. The Beardsley Zoo is the largest in Connecticut and the Barnum Museum is dedicated to the showman P.T. Barnum who was a resident of this city.

Here are a few more details about this city for those who want to invest in a property in Bridgeport, Connecticut:

– Median Home Value- $158,600

– Population- 147,629

– Cost of living- 9% higher than national average

– Unemployment rate- 8.4%

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