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Smart Fairfield County home buyers  work with exclusive buyer brokers and their exclusive buyer agents.  Steve Schappert grew up in Brookfield, served as Vice Chairman of Economic Development, and lead a a group of volunteers to create 2 miles of the Riverwalk.  Schappert also created the original website for the town of Brookfield.  Schappert is the only agent/broker in Brookfield dedicated to exclusively representing buyers.  You can reach Steve on his cell at 203-994-3950

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Located in the northern part of the Fairfield County, the town of Brookfield, Connecticut was first settled in 1710. During that time, the region consisted of rich farmlands and forests which were used for hunting. Even the streams were full of fish. The town was prosperous because of such natural bounty. The original name of the town was Newbury as it was made with parts of Danbury, Newtown and New Milford.

The town was incorporated in 1778 and its name was changed to Brookfield after the minister Reverand Thomas Brooks. The area near the Still River was industrialized way back in 1732 which is why it received the title of Iron Works District. This area contained iron furnaces, cotton mills, sawmills, paper mills, knife and hat factories as well as grist mills.

Within a few years, around 8 schools were built to educate the children. The Center School which is located in the town currently was started in 1938 as the Brookfield Consolidated School. Several private schools were also located in Brookfield, Connecticut in those times- The Greene School of Music, Curtis School for Boys, Saint Paulis School for Boys and Town Singing School.

The Candlewood Lake which is the largest man-made lake in Connecticut was created in the year 1928 from the reservoir built on the land taken from the town of Brookfield, Danbury, Sherman and New Fairfield.

At present, the Brookfield Town Park is set up on the beachfront of the Candlewood Lake. The town is a part of the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains especially the heavily forested area. There are many churches located in Brookfield, Connecticut. Formal education is imparted by nursery schools, a private school and four public schools.

The town is still a symbol of nature’s plenty with its two large lakes- the Candlewood Lake and Lake Lillinonah. It is surrounded by picturesque green rolling hills. The residents of the town enjoy spending time outdoors engaged in recreational activities. It has a dedicated commercial district for business.

Brookfield, Connecticut provides a Homecare Program for Elders and there is a Senior Center as well. There are so many recreational spots offered by the town to its residents including Bandstand, Town Beach, Cadigan Park, Still River Greenway, Lillinonah Woods, Williams Park, Old Bridge Sanctuary, Whalen Pond and Gray’s Bridge Field.

Ready to buy a home in Brooksfield, Connecticut? Here are a few more details about the town:

  • The population of the town is 17,143 residents.
  • The median home value is $335,300.
  • The cost of living in Brookfield is 40% higher than the national average.
  • The rate of unemployment is 4.9%. The growth in job opportunities is positive.

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