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Situated in the Fairfield County, Newtown, Connecticut is a part of the New York as well as greater Danbury metropolitan areas. The town was initially occupied by Pohtatuck Indians. It was known by the name Quanneapague.

Newtown was first settled by residents of Stratford. In the year 1711, the town was incorporated into the state of Connecticut. During that time, the town was associated with the English for trading.

There were many local industries which developed in Newtown during the beginning of industrialization. Manufacturing of tea bags, farming, furniture, fire hoses, combs, buttons and hats was very popular in those days. Mining of mica and feldspar was yet another source of occupation.

After World War II, highways were created and suburbanization took over. The town is now a suburb of Danbury. An interesting fact to note is that the game of Scrabble was developed by a resident of this town, James Brunot.

The total town area is 60.38 square miles which makes it the fifth largest town in the state of Connecticut. The principal communities of Newtown, Connecticut are the Borough, Dodgingtown, Sandy Hook, Botsford and Hawleyville.

A special feature of the town seal is that it holds the symbol of a rooster weathervane which is present on top of the Meeting House in the town. The Borough is a self-governing unit within the town and has an area of one square mile.

There are multiple landmarks in Newtown, Connecticut. The most important one is the flagpole which was erected for the first time in 1876. It is now located on the Main Street, right in the center. The rooster weathervane mentioned earlier has also been around for a long time since the establishment of the Newtown Meeting House.

Hawley School is yet another landmark which has been in operation since the 1920s. It is now an elementary school but has performed the roles of a high school and whole-town school in the past. The Edmond Town Hall houses offices and also provides the facility of holding private events like parties, weddings and recitals. There is a gymnasium as well which is used for sports activities and events and art shows. The theatre located here provides the residents access to popular films. The town is home to the Cyrenius H. Booth Library which can hold upto 25,000 volumes.

Want to become a resident of Newtown, Connecticut? Read on to find out a few more details:

  • Median home value- $359,600
  • Population- 28,022
  • Cost of living- 44.8% higher than the US average.
  • Unemployment rate- 5.5%

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