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Bantam Connecticut is a neighborhood within the town of Litchfield.

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Bantam is a borough in Litchfield County, Connecticut, United States. The population was 759 at the 2000 census. While separated for census and historic reasons, Bantam is governed as an integral part of the town of Litchfield. Wikipedia
Elevation: 922′
Weather: 34°F (1°C), Wind W at 11 mph (18 km/h), 50% Humidity
Zip code: 06750
Population: 746 (2013)

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Litchfield and Bantam tax & value records

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The town of Litchfield is divided into two boroughs- one of them is Bantam and the other is Litchfield. It is a census designated place with a population of 842 residents. The population has seen a rise in the past few years and most of the residents are White.

People of Bantam, Connecticut are mainly involved in farming, forestry and fishing, sales, management, construction and extraction, maintenance and administrative work. Though the borough has been given a separate census designation for convenience, it is administered by the Litchfield government.

In 1989, Litchfield county was badly affected by a tornado. During this time, Bantam suffered a lot of damage. However, it has recovered from the loss and is now a well developed borough of the town of Litchfield. The place has a continental climate with a touch of humidity. There are many seasonal changes in temperature. The summers are hot and winters are cold. It takes about 27 minutes to commute from one location to another in Bantam, Connecticut. The residents visit the Litchfield High School and Litchfield Public Schools to get educated.

The town of Litchfield is full of historical houses which are well-maintained. People inhabit them instead of treating them as monuments. The beauty and charm of the town attracts people from the nearby places.

If you are planning to buy a home in Bantam, Connecticut, you need to know a few more details:

– The median home value in this borough is $213,400.

– The rate of unemployment is 5% and growth in job opportunities is positive.

– Living in Bantam costs 16% higher than the national average.

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