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You need a Watertown,CT Buyer’s Agent that will represent you exclusively and help you negotiate the best deal.  Smart Watertown home buyers  work with exclusive buyer brokers and their exclusive buyer agents.

At Buyers Trust Real Estate its not about doing whatever we have to, to keep the deal together and trying to get paid by both sides. You can’t promise to get the best deal for both sides in a transaction.  We take pride in doing one thing to the best of our abilities and providing the absolute best for our home buyers and investors in Litchfield County.

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Watertown is a town in Litchfield County, Connecticut, United States. The population was 22,514 at the 2010 census. The zip code for Watertown is 06795. It is a suburb of Waterbury. Wikipedia

Elevation: 620′
Founded: 1780
Weather: 35°F (2°C), Wind W at 12 mph (19 km/h), 49% Humidity
Population: 22,514 (2010)
Local time: Saturday 1:56 PM
Area: 29.6 mi² (29.2 mi² Land / 256 acres Water)

womans day magazine“Get a broker on your side. In most states,  real-estate agents work for the seller, not the   buyer. This means that the agent wants to get the  seller the best price possible. Using a buyer’s broker, who has your best interest in mind, may help you shave thousands off a home’s purchase price, mortgage or various other costs, and there is no fee to the consumer.” Woman’s Day suggests to find a buyer’s broker, you should call one of the many referral services across the country such as Buyer’s  Trust… ” –  “Cutting Your Expenses” by Karen J. Bannan was featured in the January 2nd. edition of Woman’s Day Magazine

General Information From the Dept. of Consumer Protection:  A Buyer’s agent represents the interests of the buyer in a real estate transaction. The Buyer’s agent’s responsibilities to the buyer are: undivided loyalty, obedience, diligence, disclosure, confidentiality, accounting, and reasonable skill and care. All duties are fiduciary — they are owed exclusively to the buyer – NOT to the seller.  Learn More

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A part of the Litchfield County, Watertown, Connecticut is a suburb of Waterbury. Known as Mattatock during the period of colonization, this area as first bought from by Paugasuck Indians by a group of proprietors. In 1780, the place officially received the name Watertown. The town became the birthplace of plastic shatterproof dinnerware manufactured by the Watertown Manufacturing Company and spooled silk thread by Merritt Hemingway.

For more than 125 years, Watertown, Connecticut has been home to a premiere private boarding school- The Taft School. It attracts students from more than 40 countries of the world. An average class consists of 11 students which means that student performance receives complete attention. Oakville village, which is often mistakenly considered to be a separate town, is a part of Watertown, Connecticut.

Want to buy a home in Watertown? Here are a few more details to help you decide:

– Watertown, Connecticut has a population of more than 21,000 people.

– It has a median home price of $197,300 which is reasonable considering the amenities which the town offers in terms of shopping, fine dining, fast food centers, picnic spots, baseball fields, golf courses and hiking trails.

– The town offers skiing opportunities in the winter and has a Veterans Memorial Park.

– The cost of living in Watertown, Connecticut in 13.7% higher than the national average.

– This is the right time to buy a property here because property values have an appreciation rate of more than 3%. You can make a good profit if you resell your property in a few years.

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  • We provide exclusive brokerage services to buyers in Watertown, Connecticut. We never list properties but provide access to a wide range of homes through our advanced search system which is connected to various MLS portals.
  • Our experts provide in-depth information regarding the prices of buying a home so that you don’t get misled by any false claims.
  • We back our negotiation with substantial market research so that we can get the best deal for you.
  • You can expect full commitment and loyalty from us in every transaction that takes place through our brokerage services. We never disclose your details to the seller.

Buyer’s Trust Real Estate & Investment is your go to broker when it comes to buying a property in Watertown, Connecticut.

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