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English: City of Middletown, Connecticut as se...

English: City of Middletown, Connecticut as seen from River Road, looking west/northwest along the major bend in the Connecticut River, showing Harbor Park and buildings along Main Street and downtown. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The city of Middletown is located in the Middlesex county in Connecticut. Flowing parallel to the city is the Connecticut River. The origin of Middletown goes back to the year 1650 when it was incorporated as a town. During that time, the town was known by the Indian name Mattabeseck. The current name was bestowed upon it in 1653.

Before the arrival of the English settlers in 1650, the town was occupied by the Wangunks who were native Indians. The early residents of Middletown were involved in farming because the areas along the river were very fertile. There were carpenters, blacksmiths, shipbuilders, stonecutters and millers as well. By the year 1750, this town reached the heights of prosperity and wealth because of the ship building industry. The ships carried livestock, vegetables and grains to other towns and came back loaded with nutmeg, sugar, rum, coffee salt and molasses.

Middletown became famous as a pewter center when the business of pewter handcrafting began in 1756. After the Revolutionary war was over, the manufacturing industry flourished here and created job opportunities for many people. Water pumps, typewriters, elastic webbing, textiles, firearms and swords were some of the items that were produced in Middletown.

Initially the town was a part of the Hartford County. The city of Middletown was created from the central district of the town. Then the town and the city became a part of the new Middlesex County in 1785. Many years later, in 1923, the town and city were consolidated.

The city was a thriving sailing port in the early years. It went on to become an industrial center after a few years and is now primarily a residential area. The downtown is always crowded because of the presence of retail shops, restaurants and an entertainment complex beside the Wesleyan University.

Middletown, Connecticut is known for its racial diversity. There is a planning board in place to ensure that residential and commercial development go hand in hand. The Russell library is a place for the community to get together and is an entertainment, educational and cultural center.

Apart from the Wesleyan University, there are various other educational institutions including the Xavier High School, Middlesex Community College, Mercy High School and two high schools of Roman Catholic backing.

The town is known for its interest in theatre. Children are taught circus skills at the Children’s Circus of Middletown. The Kidcity Children’s Museum offers playspace for kids. Residents can take advantage of nature trails and parks. There is a dedicated Business district as well.

Some of the vital details related to Middletown, Connecticut are given below:

– Population- 47,756

– Median Home Value- $188,900

– Cost of living- 13.6% higher than national average.

– Rate of unemployment- 6.2%

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