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Seymour is a town which is situated in the county of New Haven in Connecticut. Incorporated in the year 1850, the town was named after Thomas H. Seymour, the Governor of Connecticut. However, the history of the town goes back further to the year 1642. At that time, the extra land that became a part of the town of Derby when it was expanding is now the town of Seymour, Connecticut.

This region was originally occupied by the Indians. It was purchased by a European named John Wakeman. At the Derby port, he established a trading post to promote commercial ventures. Forests were cleared to set up farms with cattle and settlements began to increase. With the increase in population, small industries started mushrooming in the area especially along the Naugatuck River.

During the American Civil War, General David Humphreys, a resident of the town, played a very important role. He also contributed to the growth of the manufacturing industry in Seymour after the Civil War. As he was a close aide of George Washington, he was made a foreign minister after Washington became the President. He learnt about the industrial process while he was in France and England.

After coming back to Seymour, he purchased land along the Naugatuck River and established a woolen mill which went on to become on the best mills in the country. The town was originally named Chusetown. It was renamed Humphreysville in honor of the General and finally Seymour. The town gradually attained the status of a manufacturing hub with a number of items being produced including furniture, cotton cloth, tools and paper.

The town got separated from Derby. The railroad was developed and Seymour became renowned world over as a center of industrial power. The products made here were exported. However, in 1955, the Hurricane Connie caused widespread destruction and the town never regained its original status.

It has successfully rebuilt itself over the years and is now a prosperous center for commerce and light industry. It is known as one of the safest communities of Connecticut. The Seymour Public Library is a cultural center where children can enjoy story sessions, pajama movie nights and various fun activities. The Pumpkin Festival and Seymour Christmas Parade take place annually. The Downtown area is a bustling sector with multiple shops and parks. It provides access to the river for kayaking and fishing.

If you are interested in becoming a home owner in Seymour, Connecticut, here are a few more details:

– Population- 16,475

– Median Home Value- $226,000

– Cost of Living- 21.4% higher than the national average

– Unemployment Rate- 6.1%

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