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One of the earliest towns to be incorporated, Hebron, Connecticut has a strategic location in Central Connecticut. It received the sixth rank in the survey performed by the Connecticut Magazine regarding the top towns in Connecticut in 2010.

The town of Hebron consists of three villages- Amston, Gilead and Hebron Center. There is a separate zip code and post office for Amston. The town was incorporated in Hartford county in 1708. It became a part of the Windham County in 1726. Finally, in 1785, it was made a town in the Tolland County with land taken from the Windham County.

The town seal is in the shape of a diamond because the horses in Hebron were branded with a diamond figure during the 18th century. Another unique feature of this town is that it contains the remains of the Gay City and Grayville, which were early communities but have been abandoned for a long time now. The area of the Gay City is at present the Gay City State Park- a recreational spot.

The total area covered by Hebron, Connecticut is 37.3 square miles. The town offers a high standard of living. The architecture of this town is a mix of the contemporary and colonial styles. The town’s structure is meticulously planned. The regulations for zoning are conducive to further development in terms of commercial and residential growth.

Hebron, Connecticut offers multiple amenities to its residents in the form of a high ranking educational institution like the RHAM High School along with other middle and high schools, municipal services and recreational facilities.

There is a Central Business District which provides the business community of the town with a variety of support services like PR, word processing, banking, legal, marketing, internet and real estate. The center of the town houses a library with the latest facilities and a post office as well.

The town attracts visitors from nearby towns every year during the Annual Hebron Harvest Fair. It is a hub of commercial activity where prizes are given away for the largest pumpkin or the tastiest pie. There are rides and games along with an array of food items to enjoy.

Hiking and biking trails are available in plenty in the Gay City State Park, which is the second largest park in Connecticut. Residents can swim in the pond, indulge in fishing, try out snowshoeing and skiing or go for picnics here. There are various other ballfields and town parks for recreation.

If you are interested in buying a house in Hebron, Connecticut, here are some more details you should be aware of:

  • Median home value- $251,500
  • Population- 9,552
  • Cost of living- 23.8% higher than the national average
  • Unemployment rate- 4.2%

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  • Hold a Connecticut real estate license.
  • Verbal and written communication skills, multi-tasking ability, creativity.
  • Honesty, Integrity, ability to put client ahead of everything, including you.