Continuing Care Retirement Communities


CCRC or Continuing Care Retirement Communities are housing facilities for the retired people in the US. They are also known as life care communities. Senior citizens can find a variety of living options here- independent living, assisted living and nursing home facilities.

With increasing age, the members of the community move from one level of care to another. The layout of the community can differ. There can be one single high-rise building with various units housed on each floor or multiple cottages or duplexes can be spread out on a plot.

Contract options

The terms of service vary according to the contract chosen by the member. Usually, the points in the contract are related to the type of shelter, personal care requirements, nursing care and other residential services. The costs of all the services are also mentioned in the contract. Given below are the main contract types which are generally offered:

  • Type A- These are known as life care contracts. The monthly fees are the highest under this contract because it covers all the facilities and ensures continuous care and support for the rest of the lives of the members. The monthly payments do not generally increase under this contract even when the member moves from one level of care to another.
  • Type B- The monthly fee is lesser in amount than in the first case. Housing and residential amenities remain the same but only a few health care services are offered. The community charges the independent living rate for a few months under this contract even when a member moves to a higher care level. After the specified time period, the resident needs to pay the full or discounted amount for the new care level and also bear additional care costs.
  • Type C- This option is chosen by those who enter the higher are levels of CCRC straightaway. They are not charged any entrance fee but they need to pay the full amount for all the services they make use of.

Facilities offered

Continuing Care Retirement Community provides access to a wide range of housing options- townhouses, cottages, apartments and duplexes. Seniors can choose their residence according to their budget and the amount of privacy required. There are various recreational amenities offered as well like clubhouses, swimming area, gym and dining areas. Residents are charged only for the services they use.

Benefits of choosing a CCRC

The biggest benefit is that the emotional burden on your loved ones gets reduced. You can feel secure about receiving emergency medical attention. The community life that is offered keeps you occupied in fun and engaging activities at all times. You can spend quality time with other members and live a life free of responsibilities.

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According to the Retirement Living Information Center, “Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) offer an independent living lifestyle for individuals who do not need constant physician or nursing supervision. In some cases, assisted living and nursing home facilities may be on the same or adjacent property of the complex. This type of community is different from other housing and care options for older people because it offers a longer term contract that provides for housing, services and nursing care, usually all in one location. At the same time, CCRCs offer some distinct advantages, including physical and financial security, independence and access to health care, companionship of friends and neighbors of similar age and access to community facilities and privacy. The CCRCs emphasis on the individual, coupled with a supportive environment, allows residents to pursue their lifelong interests.

Today’s CCRCs are available in all types and sizes. All provide residential living in an apartment-style building with services and dining usually on the main level. In addition, those in a campus-like setting of several acres may offer individual homes – cottages, villas and patio homes – and have amenities that may be similar to those found in an active adult community.”