Independent Living Communities


Independent living communities are meant for those senior citizens who do not have health issues and can live on their own. These communities provide housing facilities in the form of condos, apartments, townhouses or single family homes. Independent living communities have age restrictions, Usually a person whose age is 55 years or older is allowed to stay in this community.

Those who want to live their retired life in peace and with independence, can own or rent a home in independent living communities. There are multiple facilities provided:

– Fitness centers

– Community activities

– Common dining area

– Swimming pool

– Healthcare center

– Grooming salons

– Golf course

– Walking and jogging area

– Security personnel

Degree of independence

Most of the people who buy homes in independent living communities do not require any support in the form of personal care or nursing care. They can take care of themselves and can accomplish their daily activities on their own. Some of the services which are part of the independent living communities are housekeeping, transportation and laundry. If you want to spend your retired life doing things that you like without bothering about mundane household duties, independent living communities are the best bet for you.

There is not much maintenance required. You get the chance to mingle with peers in a community and spend quality time with them. You can also enjoy the activities which are offered with community members like yoga, art and dance classes. These planned activities help you to stay engaged in productive work and give you the chance to discover your talents.

Types of independent living options

  • Senior apartments- These apartments are meant only for seniors. They include recreational activities, meals and transportation.
  • Community housing- These housing facilities include all types of homes including condos, duplexes, cottages and townhouses. The properties can be bought or rented.
  • Continuing care retirement communities- These communities provide progressive levels of care. The first level is independent living after which comes assisted living and nursing care. These are special retirement communities which offer all the facilities to the residents. Among these three levels, independent living is the least expensive.

If you value security and want to stay connected with people of your age in  your retired life, independent living is the way to go. You should consider all the costs that go into purchasing or renting an independent living housing facility. To get expert guidance in such matters, it is better to consult a reputed real estate broker.

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According to the Retirement Living Information Center, “Age-restricted multi-family rental or ownership (condo) housing with central dining facilities that provide residents, as part of a monthly fee, meals and other services such as housekeeping, linen service, transportation, and social and recreational activities. The buildings may be designed with a few more features than non age-restricted housing that increase accessibility, such as wide doors. They sometimes have more common areas for meetings or special events. But the real appeal of the age restriction, most everyone agrees, comes down to noise.”