Leisure Communities

Leisure communities come under the category of independent living. They offer various amenities to retired people for spending the second half of their lives in luxury. The difference between most independent living communities and leisure communities is that there are no age restrictions in the latter.

These housing facilities are meant for retirees of any age. Leisure communities are more like resorts. If you are thinking of investing in a property in a leisure community, here’s what you can expect to get:

  • Maintenance free housing facilities- When you buy or rent a property in a leisure community, the maintenance charge is added to the rent. Home maintenance does not remain a bother. You also get laundry facilities and housekeeping service.
  • Community lifestyle- You get the company of so many other residents who are going through a similar phase. The companionship of fellow residents can keep you engaged in your free time.
  • Fitness programs- There are special fitness programs for seniors which you can avail to stay fit and healthy.
  • Social activities- If you think that you will have to spend your time just conversing with other residents, you are mistake. Leisure communities offer various activities to their residents in the form of art classes, yoga, pilates, walking, jogging and dancing. You can pass your time productively in the company of other residents. The option of planned outings to nearby cultural or historical spots is also available.
  • Dining- You do not need to ear alone unless you want to. There are common dining areas provided in leisure communities where you can dine with other members.
  • Amenities- You can enjoy amenities like swimming pools, gyms, clubhouses, tennis courts and golf courses within the community itself.
  • Multiple housing options- The community offers various kinds of housing facilities from which you can select one according to your budget and preferences. Some choices are apartments, villas, cottages, single-family homes and townhouses.
  • Transportation facilities- If you require a car to go somewhere, the community provides you with the conveyance with the option of a driver.
  • Concierge- There is a concierge to familiarize you with the services and facilities offered by the community.
  • Assisted living- With increasing age, it is natural that you would require personal care or daily assistance. Leisure communities offer high quality assisted living care and even nursing care if required.

To locate the best leisure communities to spend your golden years in luxury and comfort, you can take the help of an experienced real estate broker.

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According to the Retirement Living Information Center,  “Homes in leisure communities are designed for empty nesters. There are no age restrictions. The environments often include amenities such as clubhouses, golf courses and community pools in resort-like settings. These communities offer predominately two and three bedroom homes and are perfect for those whose children have grown and moved away although children are welcome. They offer an array of finely appointed homes that typically include features designed for your changing lifestyle.”