Finding Your Focus: Niche Marketing for Real Estate

Course Overview Many real estate agents operate in a certain specialty or “niche,” and perhaps with a little thought, many more would take the time to discover the benefits of carving out a niche for themselves. When agents market themselves as experts in a certain aspects of the industry, it not only helps the agent, but the client/customer as well. Customers need to know who the most knowledgeable, experienced professional in the area is. If there is an agent who specializes in the topic the customer needs assistance with, it is good for the industry if that customer is made aware of that agent.

This course is designed to help agents identify a niche that they may want to specialize in and to be able to market themselves as an expert so that all customers are receiving the best care possible by an experienced expert in the industry.

  • Learning Objectives Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to: Compare mass marketing and niche marketing approaches
  • Discuss the process of thinking strategically about developing a niche
  • Explore different niches that are available and how they apply to their abilities and interests
  • Examine the opportunities available in combining niches to target an even more narrow group
  • Describe how being a referral resource could prove to be a valuable niche
  • Explain how social media can help build lasting relationships with clients
  • List some time management tools and the benefits of each

Source: Finding Your Focus: Niche Marketing for Real Estate | McKissock Online Education

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