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We are recruiting Realtors, real estate agents and brokers all over the USA. Together we will build an organization that will grow world wide. Are you an experienced Realtor looking for a challenge and a retirement plan?  Why not work with a team of like minded individuals?

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An Exclusive Buyer Broker typically manages or owns a Buyer Brokerage and employees’ exclusive buyer agents. The important difference between and an exclusive buyer brokerage and your traditional brokerages is that neither the broker or the exclusive buyer agents that work under them represent real estate sellers.  Neither an exclusive buyer broker or their real estate agents will ask you to sign a dual agency agreement, because they never ask you to waive your rights to representation.

We thought you would find this article on Dual Agency that was published in Realty Times.  The article is called Never Agree to Dual Agency Representation and was written by BY LOREN HOBOY POSTED ON SUNDAY, 20 OCTOBER 2013

“Dual agency means the Realtor is serving two masters. Other professionals like lawyers are not permitted to engage in this practice.  Many real estate agents are not experienced and qualified to handle this conflict. It is illegal in every other fiduciary profession except under the most extreme circumstances.   Under Dual Agency, real estate agents/brokers collect a double commission and theoretically they are prohibited from doing anything to the detriment of either party.

Dual agents are legally prevented from negotiating price or terms (two of the most important reasons consumers hire Realtors). Dual Agency is a conflict relationship that strips buyers and sellers of the Realtor’s service to a level that is essentially abandonment. It means that they are getting paid twice as much for doing much less work. In other words, all the reasons you hired your broker vanish – often with little warning. The broker could be acting in the client’s best interests all the way up to finding the house that creates a dual agency. At that point the buyer or seller are on their own.”

According to the Commissioner of the Department of Consumer Protection, “A sales agent is supposed to work only for the seller, but by signing the Dual Agency Consent Agreement, the seller waives that right and agrees that the agent is free to represent both buyer and seller in the deal.”  You can read more on the DCP website.

“We don’t believe asking clients to waive their rights is the way to go.  We believe it is important to make a promise and stand by it instead of bailing on our client when we are given the opportunity to double our income. We represent the buyer always and forever.” – Steve Schappert, Founder Buyers Trust Real Estate LLC.

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