Web traffic Stats for Buyers Trust Real Estate

In the last 45 days BuyersTrustRealEstate.com received 75,509 Hits From 2431 Unique visitors that viewed 46,237 pages.  Visitors used 32 different operating systems to access the site from the 89 countries listed below.  “A great start considering the site said “Coming Soon 5 days ago.” said web develop and broker Steve Schappert.  Schappert expects traffic to surge past the million hits a month mark by spring. 

Current visitors hail from The United States, France, Germany, Russian, Federation Ukraine, China, Canada, India, Great Britain, Romania, Poland, Egypt, Netherlands, Slovak Republic, Brazil, Italy, Republic of Serbia, Sweden, Croatia, Czech Republic, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Hungary, Luxembourg, Greece, Taiwan, Belarus, Turkey, Tunisia, Mexico, Australia, Portugal, Malaysia, Chile, Lithuania, Algeria, Thailand, Ivory Coast, Argentina, Spain, Pakistan, Venezuela, Israel, Moldova, Ecuador, Singapore, Macedonia, New Zealand, Lebanon, Indonesia, Japan, Virgin Islands, Finland, Seychelles, Slovenia, Switzerland, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Mozambique, South Africa, Morocco, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kenya, Bahrain, Ireland, Belgium, Palestinian, Oman, Suriname, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Saint Kitts & Nevis Anguilla, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Rwanda, Antigua and Barbuda, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Nepal, Denmark, Iraq, Azerbaidjan, New Caledonia, Trinidad and Tobago, Iceland

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